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Bakewell Tart

Bakewell Tart

It’s my Dad’s birthday tomorrow, so we had a little celebratory lunch today in his honour. I made bakewell tart, my sister made chocolate-dipped Viennese biscuits and we had homemade sausage rolls to top off the savoury lunch! It was all very delicious, but I now feel like the size of a house…

Bakewell tart is one of my absolute favourites, but only the kind without icing. Weirdly (for me), I like a bakewell tart to be as basic as possible. Almond is an a amazing flavour on its own, with raspberry jam being the perfect accompaniment – no sugary icing needed!

Frangipane is the star of the bakewell tart, making up the majority of the filling. Its moist, buttery and melts in your mouth with every bite. Its basically my dream filling. Have I said how much I love bakewell tart…???

I won’t lie, I had SO many issues with the pastry this time around! I thought I’d cracked it recently, but pastry still seems to be my nemesis. I genuinely made this pastry twice and rolled each out like 5 times before actually managing to get it in the tin! I was in full 5-year old tantrum mode by the end. Baking is emotional guys. But for all its sins, pastry does patch up well and once the filling has been baked no one can tell the stresses that’ve been had! Its just yours and the pastry’s little secret.

Aside from pastry stresses above, it really is an easy dessert to assemble – promise!