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Raspberry Macarons with Chocolate Ganache

Raspberry Macarons with Chocolate Ganache

Raspberry Macarons with Chocolate GanacheRaspberry Macarons with Chocolate GanacheRaspberry Macarons with Chocolate Ganache

These raspberry macarons with chocolate ganache are my second attempt into the intricate world of macarons. The first being plain chocolate that had many failures. Failure seems to come hand in hand when starting to make macarons though, so I’m not too sad. I see them as a challenge, and one that I think I’ll always be learning about!

These raspberry macarons are by no means perfect, but for a second attempt I’m pretty damn proud of them! Now I have to be honest here, and say that I actually made these macarons last summer for my sisters birthday! I’m away this weekend and haven’t had any time to bake, so this is somewhat of a throwback post! Finding the photos again has inspired me to try my hand at these fiddly things again though, maybe with pistachio? espresso? or salted caramel? I’ll keep you posted!

So before I begun my macaron journey I did a hella lot of research on the various techniques and gleaned as many tips & tricks as I could from the internet. I would absolutely advise this! The macaron process is a tricky one to get your head around initially and learning from other bakers failures can only help. I found this blog in particular really helpful; Love and Macarons.

For me, I found that the two most important steps were having the correct shell resting time and getting the actual macaronage (technical term that!) right. You need to give the shells adequate resting time so that in the oven the little feet form, they don’t hollow out and they don’t spread too much. The macaronage is the act of adding the dry and wet ingredients, getting this right is crucial! The consistency you’re looking for is similar to lava; flowing in a ribbon like consistency, settling slightly on the mixture and then sinking back in.

On your first macaron attempt it will all seem a bit much, but I promise you the second time will be much easier! With anything practise makes perfect, and macarons really are an art to perfect!

So on with the recipe (adapted from Eat, Live, Travel, Write)